Charlie's Place at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

My colleagues said that I brought life and fun into the workplace. Since I started working, the office has been filled with jokes and laughters. It's good because who would want to work in a tensed up environment, where your table is always piled up with heavy workload and your boss is breathing down your neck? A little crack of jokes and a peal of laughter will miraculously chase the stress away. Like people always say, laughter is the best medicine.

Joycelyn, my friend, also my a girl with a few words and that makes her look strict, intimidating and unapproachable. She's actually a nice, kind, helpful, patient girl. The only problem is...You have to make the first move to get to her better because she's quite shy. So, to encourage her to socialize a bit, we went out for dinner one night. Joycelyn recommended us a restaurant called Charlie's Place, at a yatch club.

The restaurant was dimly lit and relaxing. It's located near the jetty, so we could see the city lights against the black silhouette of hills. It was beautiful...When we arrived, only 4 tables were full of foreigners and we were the only local diners there.

After our order had been taken, four warm buns were served in a basket alongside with Lurpak's butter. As a bread lover, I never skip the bread basket.

Joycelyn was watching her weight. So, she went for Prawns and Pineapple Salad. It came with poached prawns and chunky pineapple, laced with lemon grass dressing and accompanied with crunchy romaine lettuce. I tried some of it and I found the dressing very unique and exotic, yet in one way it tasted familiar too. The flavours were just indescribable. Anyway, I loved the presentation, the colours and everything of this salad. The only complaint was that the price was a little too high for such a small portion.

Suki had Crab Linguine. Sauteed angel hair pasta with steamed mussels, crab sticks, chilli, garlic, lemon and parsley. Again, I loved the presentation of this dish. The colours made it look very appetizing too. When I saw the menu, I thought they would serve fresh crab meat instead of crab sticks. However, I did enjoy the pasta. The sauce was creamy and cheesy, and the herbs that nestled in between the strands of linguine that was cooked till al dente, enhanced the overall flavour.

I pondered over the menu, couldn't make out my mind. Eventually, I ordered the most common thing on the menu - Fish & Chips, which I was glad I had made the right choice. It came with two fresh, huge fish fillets that were lightly battered and deep-fried till perfection, fries and some tartar sauce. Yumm~I shared the fish with my friends and they loved it too!

Overall, the food was good but I thought that the prices a little more costly than I expected. But, the utmost important thing was that we enjoyed the dinner very much, and the service was absolutely good. If you're looking for a place where you can have a quiet and relaxing time over a scrumptious meal, Charlie's Place is the place to be.

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