Kilim Geoforest Park & Mangrove Tours

Embark on an eco-adventure through otherworldly mangrove forests and ancient limestone rock formations. Kilim is the only place in Malaysia with coexisting coastal karst and mangrove ecosystems, resulting in a wide spectrum of geodiversity such as caves, karst structures, fossils, as well as a rich ecology of fauna and flora. Boat and kayaking tours are available, including lunch at a local floating fish farm. Learn more at

Seven Wells Waterfall

The Seven Wells Waterfall, also known as Telaga Tujuh by the locals, is named after seven natural pools connected by a river. Located within the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, the falls are split into two sections, the upper pools and the lower pools, separated by a 90-meter cascading waterfall. The Seven Wells is also a popular campsite, and the beginning of the trek up Mount Machinchang, the second tallest mountain in Langkawi.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Get up close and personal with an array of colorful marine life, from tropical fish to sea turtles. Go snorkeling by the shore where you can swim with schools of fish and spot friendly reef sharks, or by a reef platform in open water to see the coral garden ecosystem. Dive sites include Coral Garden for vibrant corals and small fish; Grouper Farm for huge groupers, barracuda, and moray eels; Pulau Kaca for wreck dives; and Pulau Segantang for deep dives up to 30m with common sightings of nurse sharks.

Mountain Trails

Langkawi has two famous mountains, Mount Raya and Mount Machinchang, which can both be hiked for free without a permit. Mount Raya is the highest peak of Langkawi at 881m above sea level. The peak can be reached by trekking up stairs through a rainforest or by driving along a road from base to summit. Mount Machinchang, though not as tall at 708m, is the more challenging and rewarding climb with spectacular views, rich biodiversity, and a waterfall at the base.

Wildlife Watching

The diverse land and seascapes of Langkawi are home to a wealth of fascinating wildlife including the brahminy kite eagle, dusky leaf monkey, hornbills, kingfishers, monitor lizards, and flying lemurs known as colugos. Langkawi is a hotspot for bird watching enthusiasts with approximately 267 bird species across its varied ecosystems. Langkawi also has the highest density of butterflies per square feet in the world which includes 525 species of butterflies.

Langkawi SkyBridge Cable Car

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Langkawi SkyCab to the summit of Mount Machinchang for a mesmerizing bird’s-eye view of untouched treetops. Marvel at the world’s longest free-span and curved bridge, the Skybridge. At the foothill, the Oriental Village features exciting attractions like 3D Art Langkawi, SkyDome, SkyRex, 6D cinemotion and Petland.

Location: Langkawi Cable Car, Jalan Telaga Tujuh, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.

Sunset Cruise

Discover breathtaking islands and the turquoise Andaman seas onboard a luxurious yacht equipped with a friendly crew at your service. Visit the famous Eagle Square and the lush islands of Langkawi. Swim and indulge in water activities, spotting eagles, dolphins, and whales along the journey. Then dine on a delicious buffet and watch the sunset from the best spot in Langkawi. This is definitely a memorable and must-do experience when in Langkawi.

Location: Manta Blu Cruises, Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Jalan Dato Syed Omar, Kuah, Langkawi

Dream Forest

Dream Forest Langkawi is an immersive night attraction. It is a 1.2 km long trail through the rainforest, where visitors can experience the local myths and legends coming to life through interactive digital technology, illuminations, and ethereal soundscapes. Some of the legends that visitors can experience at Dream Forest Langkawi include the story of Princess Dayang Bunting, Tun Teja, and Merong Mahawangsa.

Location: Lubuk Semilang, Jalan Padang Gaong, Ulu Melaka, Langkawi

Langkawi Craft Complex

The Craft Complex hosts several museums and galleries to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. Experience local artisans demonstrate their craft, ranging from batik and songket textiles to wood carvings, metalwork to weaving. This complex offers an immersive cultural journey, allowing guests to appreciate, participate, and purchase authentic Malaysian craftsmanship. There is also a glass blowing studio with free demonstrations available.

Location: Kompleks Kraf Langkawi, Jalan Teluk Yu, Bohor, Langkawi

Legend of Mahsuri

The most famous legend from Langkawi is that of a beautiful woman named Mahsuri who was accused of adultery 200 years ago. She was tied to a tree and stabbed to death despite her pleas of innocence. Her white blood revealed her innocence and in her final moments,she cursed the island for seven generations. A period of tribulations from Siamese invasions to droughts and floods followed, reinforcing belief in the Mahsuri curse.

Today, seven generations have passed and Langkawi has become a booming destination. Mahsuri’s Tomb is located on the island with a museum carrying on her story.

Legend of Pulau Dayang Bunting

Pulau Dayang Bunting is home to a large freshwater lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting. The lake’s legend recounts the love story between Mat Teja and Mambang Sari, a captivating sprite. Enchanted by Mambang Sari’s beauty, Mat Teja followed the advice of a sage, wiping his face with mermaid tears, leading to their union. After a joyous marriage, Mambang Sari tragically lost their child, laying the baby to rest in the lake. Looking at the surrounding mountains, you can see Mambang Sari’s outline as a pregnant woman, guarding the watery tomb of her child. Villagers attribute mystical powers to the lake, believing in its ability to heal infertility.

Legend of The Giants

Legend has it that the mountains of Langkawi used to be giants. Two of these giants, Mat Chinchang and Mat Raya, were good friends whose children were about to be married to one another. During the wedding reception, they got into a heated argument. Chaos ensued and pots and pans were thrown around. A smaller giant, Mat Sawar, intervened to break up the fight. At that moment, lightning struck and turned all of them into stone.

Sawar Hill now stands between Mount Machinchang and Mount Raya — forming an enduring barrier between the battling giants. The site where a pot filled with sauce landed is known as Kuah (Sauce), where one of the pots broke is known as Belanga Pecah (Broken crockery), and where a pot full of hot water landed is known as Ayer Hangat (Hot water).

Legend of The Seven Wells

According to folklore, the waterfall is believed to have healing properties and used to be the favourite bathing place of seven fairies who would bathe under the moonlight. Once a prince tried to capture the fairies but they vanished into thin air, never to come back.

A type of climbing plant with enormous pods found near the waterfall area is believed to be something the fairies left behind. Known as Sintuk, it is a special kind of lime plant. Locals frequently use it to “wash” away bad luck. Sintuk is also commonly used in traditional Malay ceremonies.

Billion Duty Free Supermarket

Billion Duty Free can be found inside the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, which is the largest shopping complex in Langkawi that offers the finest selection of tax-free goods, groceries, restaurants and household appliances. The mall is only a 4-minute drive from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, making it easily accessible and popular among our marina residents not only for duty free shopping, but for their wide range of affordable fresh produce.

Location: Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, Persiaran Putera, Kuah, Langkawi
Operation hours: 9am – 10pm daily

Eastern Kuah

Despite being one of the smaller duty-free shops in the area, the Eastern outlet in Kuah carries an extensive selection of chocolate, liquor, and tobacco products at some of the cheapest prices. Here you will find a remarkable assortment of spirits, wines, and champagnes from around the world. From rare whiskies and exclusive vintages to beloved classics and emerging brands, it’s no wonder why Eastern Kuah is a popular stop for connoisseurs.

Location: 26, Jalan Pandak Mayah 6, Kuah, Langkawi
Operation hours: 10am – 9pm daily

Teow Soon Huat

Teow Soon Huat is a massive duty-free shopping center with 60 outlets, 12 eateries and a supermarket. Shoppers can find specially priced household commodities, a wide variety of apparel, luggage and bags, groceries, not forgetting imported tobacco, liquor and confectionery products. Teow Soon Huat offers daily discounts of up to 70% off the original retail prices, and is located within Langkawi Parade which houses the only cinema on the island of Langkawi.

Location: Langkawi Parade, A-14 Pokok Asam, Kuah, Langkawi
Open: 10am – 9:30pm daily